My Philosophy

Windstone Acupuncture LLC is owned and
operated by Stephanie Trzaska, DACM, L.Ac

I love to work with people. I love the bonds between people
that make us stronger. I love to be part of the healing journey
and the wellness path for my patients.


I believe that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, that we only need the right prompts to allow ourselves to heal. I believe that a holistic approach eases the body, mind, and spirit to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. I am committed to being present for my patients, to listen to their stories, and to offer compassionate, caring treatment.

Windstone is a reflection of the yang motion of wind and the still yin nature of stone.  I strive to enable this harmony in my patients and myself. Let Windstone Acupuncture help you transform your health to a more balanced state.  As stone is changed by wind and water and human hand, into a work of art to behold, let your body become your very own work of art.  You were born to be healthy!


Mission: To offer compassionate, caring treatment and to provide low cost, affordable acupuncture for everyone. 

Vision: To collaborate with other health care providers to establish community acupuncture as a practical and standard resource for all types of patients.

Windstone Acupuncture is a clinic located in Northglenn, CO with easy access from Westminster, Thornton, Broomfield and I-25. Windstone offers acupuncture in a community style setting, utilizing a holistic approach for health to treat diseases and imbalances of the body including: headaches, back pain, knee pain, peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, insomnia, digestive complaints, menstrual disorders, infertility, smoking cessation, stress reduction and much more!

Windstone Acupuncture LLC
11658 North Huron, Suite 200, Northglenn, CO